As an international acting marketing company, we develop communication and marketing strategies for our clients to reach their relevant consumers efficiently. The return on investment (ROI) of our customers is the pivotal point of our corporate philosophy.

Media Strategy

The right media strategy is the heart of your successful campaign history. Therefore, we attach great importance to InterPublications with you to jointly define the media objectives and create the right communication strategy with you. [...]

Media Planning

An effective media planning needs a clear strategy and a comprehensive description of target groups. We identify all relevant data regarding your audience to interpret this for you and choose in agreement with you in the right media for your brand. [...]

Media Sales

Would you like to online directly sell off your products, generate leads and build awareness of your brand, while not a cent to spend too much? No problem with the attractive media sales concept of InterPublications is your media and publications in the foreground. [...]

Media Buying

Media buying is an art in itself: There is no easier way to burn your media budget in no time. Therefore, we define with you as your media agency in advance planning the entire campaign and carry for you completely the risk of media buying. [...]


By acquiring new customers via e-mail marketing, we offer you the highest level of flexibility and efficiency. With almost any other media capacity You may submit attracting as inexpensively so wide audience as possible with our email marketing service.

Whether you want to focus the attention of your target audience to your product, expand the awareness of your brand or direct sale of your products and services accelerate - InterPublications offers the customized E-Mail-Marketing-Solution. [...]

Lead Generation

We support you with pleasure while achieving exactly the customers that best match your product or service. Together we define the scope of data to be queried and deliver the leads in real time to best possible price.

We will create also like exclusive lead generation projects for you, which completely oriented to the brand message and your corporate identity. You define the goals and your ideal buyers - We will find him for you! [...]

Media Broking

No one knows, following the successful launch of the campaign your audience and optimal advertising environment as well as we. This knowledge we want to to share with you: We book on our own risk with our partners in our media network exactly the advertising environment that exactly suit you.

The advantage for you is clearly obvious: In the course of cooperation, the performance of the campaign does not decrease, but is continually being optimized. You get more customers with the same budget. [...]

At the stock exchange are 2 multiply 2 never 4, but rather 5 minus 1

You just have to have the nerve to withstand the minus one

André Kostolany,
finance expert

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